Sandy Creek Campin’ is a family run camping grounds, in the quiet hills, just a short and pretty drive through the countryside behind Kilcoy - Close to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


Sandy Creek Campin Kilcoy Important Information Family and pet friendly accommodation

1. Can I bring my dog?
Yes. we are a dog and pet friendly camp grounds. Dogs are allowed at your camp site, subject to conditions, with full responsibility taken by owner. They must be kept on leash at all times in your camp site away from other campers. Bring your Pooper Scooper to clean up after your Pan Licker .

2.  Can I have a camp fire?
Yes. Modest campfires are allowed on all sites, only in the fire rings provided. You are responsible to ensure flammable materials, grass & tents are kept clear of your camp fire.

3.   Do you sell wood?
Yes. Split hardwood is available in bags for purchase during shop hours. We also sell bulk firewood, sold by each quarter trailer load. (note: you may bring your own wood but definitely not collect our BUSH WOOD)

4.   Do you sell ice?

5.  Do I have to pay in full?
Yes, within 3 days of booking your camp site. Please phone us to book, and visit the office on arrival.

6.   Do you have EFTpos?
No, we don’t have EFTpos. Please phone us to book, and receive our payment details.

7.   Do you refill gas bottles?

8. Can I arrive earlier than the 12 midday check-in time?
Yes, provided the site is available, if you phone us the day before you’re due to arrive at Sandy Creek Campin’, we’ll be able to let you know if an early check-in is possible.

9.   Do you have mobile phone signal ?
No. There are some areas of Sandy Creek Campin’ that have a very weak mobile phone reception, but unfortunately no phone carrier has acceptable mobile phone reception here.

10.   Can I arrive late?
Yes, Late arrivals after 5pm during the months of May, June, July, August are ok, 6.30pm is the cut off time for late arrivals during all other months.
All arrivals (whether pre-paid or not) must stop at the Office at the top of the driveway  to retrieve their reservation confirmation, then proceed to site. No set up is allowed after 8.30 pm unless otherwise arranged.

11.   Do you have powered sites?
No. We don’t have powered camping sites.

12. Can I bring Pushbikes?
Yes. Pushbikes are allowed at Sandy Creek Campin’. Kids on bikes must be under parent supervision, with helmets required to be worn.

13. Can we play music at our camp site?
No. We’re now a music free property. But if you can’t do without your music, just bring some earphones so the music doesn’t disturb other campers.

14.   Can I bring a Motorbike?
No, they’re too noisy.

15.   Are the showers HOT?
Yes, Sandy Creek Campin’ has lovely hot showers!

16.   Can we go 4WD’ing at Sandy Creek Campin’?
No, all 4WD tracks are closed for safety reasons.

17.   Can we fish in the creek?
No, There are only tiny native fish that are protected in Sandy Creek.

18.   We have friends already booked can we join them?
Yes most sites will cater for more than 1 family but best to phone and check. Standard fees apply to all.

19.   Is drinking water available?
Yes, we have water tanks for drinking water, however whilst we drink the water ourselves, we are required by law to recommend campers boil the water first.

20.   Can we pay online?
Yes, phone us for the payment details when you book your camp site.

21.   Can we use a generator?
Yes, but only run it for 2 hrs between 10 -12 am daily.

22. Can friends drop in for the day and visit?
No one-night camping or day visitors. We don’t encourage day visitors as our campers choose our bush retreat for the peace and quiet.

23. Do you refund for inclement weather?
No, we don’t issue refunds for inclement weather.